Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music Producer's Blog 002

The Forbidden Zone is unsafe.

One would presume that this was understood. It is in the title. A Zone that is Forbidden! How much clearer must one be? It would seem that this says, “DANGER! DO NOT TRESPASS HERE! REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE AREA!”

And yet, a great many people have convened within Sacred Fools to plot your eventual entertainment. Unfortunately, the FZ6D virus is an incredibly vigorous strain of disease and after one scant hour of exposure even the most reserved personalities contained within our cast showed signs of advanced infection. Clothing was discarded and the infected grew close to one another as they raised their querulous voices in an unholy chant extolling the virtues and vices contained with the boundaries of the Sixth Dimension.

It is a most splendid thing to witness the creation of this flesh-golem that will caper and jape for your amusement. The three choreographers (!!!) that put us through our paces have designed a properly explosive opening number that will reintroduce you to all the denizens of the Forbidden Zone. I think we may have to mark the first row of seating as the Splash Area due to the moisture generated by the exertion and exultation of the cast.

Ever wanted to sit one foot away from Squeezit while he shrieks at you and dances his ass off?
Those seats are House Left, front row, first four seats from the vomitorium. Show up early and place yourself at the center of the action!

Need to get up close and personal with the Lord of Lies right off the bat?
Those seats are House Right, the very furthest to the side, but you may find yourself engaged by the King Creep in an unsavory fashion.

Now I’m not going to draw a map for you every time someone has a particularly inspired bit of blocking or a grand idea is executed with unerring accuracy, but I do want to take the time to tell you now that things are falling into place rapidly and we will be most happy to place our hot little tootsies upon the stage in front of you and strike sparks from the boards with our horns and claws when the time comes.

For a first few rehearsals, this was a Hell of a time well spent. We will keep cold crushing fools and remain in full effect until we see you all in May (and beyond!)

- Marz Richards