Sunday, July 4, 2010

Death in Venice, CA

It's the last week of FZ6D and it is appropriate that we should explode three final performances during the Fourth of July.

As Satan, I have the best seat (well, place to stand, at least) in the house each evening. I continue to be amused to the point of audible laughter by every performance.

In no particular order, things that tickle me from show to show include:

1. Gramps catching and eating a fly at the kitchen table. Also, Gramps freaking out dancing while seated during SOME OF THESE DAYS.

2. The Human Chandelier having to wait for a laugh to be able to climb down from the rafters so that the audience won't notice the descending bikini person.

3. The audience seeing the Keepers bare butts for the first time as they enter up the vom during BIM BAM BOOM.

4. Fausto winning back Doris's affections with supreme bullshit.

5. Drunks explaining to drunks what they think is happening.

6. Frenchy's entrance into the Forbidden Zone. She has a real way with poop.

7. Stage Manager Hans Gelpke heaving the giant red die onto the stage. No one but me gets to see this and it is hilarious. Like watching the Hulk toss a Jetta a half-block.

8. Christina Dohmen making faces at Frenchy during classroom numbers.

9. Johnny shooting Billy. Maybe the quickest gag in the show. Brilliant.

10. Fausto smacking Frenchy's ass as an enticement to stay in the Sixth Dimension.

I'll be back with tales of ridiculous behavior on the part of audience members, some of whom I might be related to. Happy Fourth of July!

- Marz Richards