Friday, February 5, 2010

You are my hostage and don't you forget it!

Producer's Blog 2/5/10

Welcome Zombabies to the Production Blog for Forbidden Zone: LIVE in the 6th Dimension! I type fast, but even so, typing Forbidden Zone: LIVE in the 6th Dimension is a little much, so we have been using FZ6D as shorthand for the title of this show. But what is this show? I describe it as a new stage musical entertainment, a bawdy and thrilling sci-fi/fantasy romp that explodes with color, song, humor and horror that is at least as demented as the film that it is adapted from. Everything that you hope to see is in there. It is what you never expected to see that is going to blow your little frog-servant loving, art-boxing, dice-dealing mind.

We are about a week away from announcing audition dates and casting information for the show and we are many moons out from the start of rehearsal, but as this is such a rigorous production, we have been hard at work for the better part of a year getting all our corpses lined up so that when we are granted the POWER OF ZOMBIE we can take over the planet!

I'll be back next week to report on the final Music Workshop in which an eight piece band will perform all the vocal numbers from the show for a select audience of producers and Sacred Fools company members at a remote location. All shall be revealed to you in time.

Until then, tide yourselves over with missives from Director/Producer Scott Leggett and Author/Producer Michael Holmes. In the coming months you'll also hear from Music Director Ryan Johnson and Choreographer Natasha Norman. We look forward to seeing you in the near future as we gather in the land of sin and pleasure. You'll be surprised by the things that you will see!

- Marz Richards

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