Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Author's Blog 002

Now, I'm guessing more than one of you reading this has in their possession a copy of the Black & White DVD version of "Forbidden Zone." That being the case, I'm guessing you've probably perused the DVD extras and found the deleted scene entitled "Gider Brider Itzak," featuring Gramps being...well, Gramps.

As part of the process of compiling material for our version, I thought I'd do some research and see what the lyrics for this song were, just in case we could find a way to make it fit. But I looked high and low, scouring all corners of the internet and could not find them anywhere. I looked under the alternative titles "Giter Brider Itzak" and "Good Brother Itzhak," but I came up with bupkis.

But I had a hunch, and after a particularly lucky find at a local record store, I came across a cd that not only had the song on it, but also had the handy dandy lyrics enclosed!

So next time you're watching the clip, feel free to sing along!

"Gider Brider Itzak"

Far aich’dou shein meidlich

Hob ikh a giten plan

Oun ven ir vet mich folgen

Ver ir mir dank bar bzain

Torn zitz ir mit a coh’h

In park bay nach’ alien

Oiy zolt ir vissen vi azoy zich tsi bageine

Zitz der boch’h rouyik shtil mit aiych’

Torn fankt her oun tsi krichen

Zougt him glaich’

Oye veieye, oye oye oye

Gider Brider Itzak zait nicht azoy hitzik

Zait kain houch’m zait nor nit kain kval

Torn zizt ir mit a meidel

Do halt zich fin our heidel

Oye Itzik brider zaiyt nicht kain durak

Oye veiye, oye oye oye

Gider Brider Itzak zait nicht azoye hitzik

Zait kain houch’m zait nor nitcht kain kval

Zait nicht tsi fil macheh’

Oun nicht kirchen vi a dober hach’er

Oye Itzik brider zait nicht kain durak

- Michael Holmes

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