Thursday, June 10, 2010

A bouncing baby SHOW

Tonight I was at the local bar and ran into a couple of fellows who had seen the show. Their perspective was interesting because they've done this kind of thing before, on a nightly basis, with much higher stakes (their livelihoods) and a bigger house. And food service, which is a whole other mother of fuck.

I knew they liked the show, but their fermented focus was what I was seeking. "It's a show that just requires you to be able to have fun, to enjoy yourself, which not everyone is capable of doing." said the former booker and current wonderful DJ.

"L.A. is now the center of fun theatre!" said the manager/ass-kicker who shepherded a bunch of killer rock gigs you went to or read about over the past few years. "Seattle is an island, New York is great but serious bid-nass, San Francisco is holding its breath for what's next and Chicago has amazing drama but is not freaky-fun. This is FUN, this is the kind of shit you only get in Los Angeles. This is the devil's town! No one does Halloween like this!" he continued, as I grabbed another Jack and Coke.

We have gone through another wonderful weekend and now we approach the Sunday shows which mark a month of production, a month of life for this Zombaby. If this was an actual bambino, I would be bothering the shit out of all of you with photos of the thirty day anniversary. But this multi-headed demon we have birthed is no photogenic walking wallet that looks to suckle from you until your resources are depleted. This is SHOW, and SHOW only requires one thing, which is your butt in a seat. SHOW does not need love, SHOW only wants to hear you breathing and SHOW will take care of itself. SHOW will tell you what is good and what is bad. SHOW will not ask to go to prom! SHOW doesn't need a car or a trip to Disneyland. SHOW only wants a full house for ninety minutes time and then SHOW is happy.

To be honest, SHOW is not the kind of baby you want. You probably are a normal sort who actually wants more than a season's worth of interaction. This is why you and I are different. This is why I am Satan and you are hoping to be a parent or (eek) are a parent. If I had a baby boy, I would name him Iago Atari Bruce Wayne Richards, which is fine if I were to home-school him, but I think that home-schooling is exactly how you set up a kid to get his ass beat later in life, so it is probably better I don't have a kid and that I am left to care for SHOW.

Just letting you know where I'm at.
See you in the house this weekend for the Friday, Saturday, and now SUNDAY shows!

- Marz Richards

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