Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Biggest Oingo Boingo Fan You're Ever Going To Meet

MERDE! We sold out the first two weeks of FZ6D, including the dreaded Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally the second week of a show sees a drop-off in attendance. There are a lot of reasons for this; everyone's friends and family come to opening weekend, press is there right off the bat if you've done your job correctly, and fans of the show will want to see it early so they can crow/nerd out to their friends about their geek primacy ("FIRST!")

So it was very interesting and heartening to see that we had sold out the show two days ahead of the weekend. It was SPECTACULAR to have the kind of Friday night that we did. It was packed, seats added to the front row, hot as Hell and full of crazy, candy/alcohol-fueled energy. I sweated off the Satan beard by the third number and by the fifth number the amazing glitter brows designed by Kat Bardot were cutting loose and flopping over my eyes like venetian blinds. Just a fantastic set of shows so far and lots more to come. The production has taken on an interesting balance as we continue to tweak audio and timing with the actors settling into their roles and finding new moments every show. I am becoming entranced by certain scenes in the show and have to take care not to blow a line because I'm caught listening to the show; I think that the courtship scene between Frenchy and Fausto (the painting scene) and the aria that Rene (Matt Valle) sings at the start of Queen's Revenge are extraordinary bits of theater and show the real heart that beats at the core of the show.

So we've done four shows so far and after every show, when I'm out on the street saying hello to friends, I've been approached by a stranger who opens the conversation with this sentence, "I'm the biggest Oingo Boingo fan you're ever going to meet..." I'm glad that I'm meeting these people. The producers had hoped that you still existed and carried the fire of Halloween in your heart while we went through the terrible drought of Boingo music that has plagued us over the past few years. I'm very glad that you find what we have wrought to be Of The Body and not something to be despised and forgotten. I stood with you at a hundred Boingo shows from 1986 forward. We have raised our voices together to scream "NO SPILL BLOOD!" in response to the query, "WHAT IS THE LAW?" My solidarity will always be with you, The Biggest Oingo Boingo Fan I Will Ever Meet, and I will do my best to scorch your soul with Real Hellfire every show. So, please, tell everyone you meet from this day forward what you have witnessed under the smoldering eaves of Sacred Fools. Tell them that Frenchy lives to dance. Tell them that Bust Rod is the King of Tap. Tell them that Fausto presents his arguments of conquest in new battle-armor.


- Marz Richards

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