Monday, May 17, 2010

TICKETS ON SALE NOW and other important things

We've seen over a hundred people come through the door now in service of the idea of re-animating the Zone and I want to thank them properly in the best way I know how. By exhibiting their artwork to big houses, full of enormously entertaining people who are enthusiastic about art and performance, rowdy motherfuckers who laugh too long and scream too loud but bring the energy to a BOIL.

In short, YOU. In the front row. Putting the EEK in our weekend!

Tickets for this magnificent beast of a show are on sale now for all performances at or head over to and the result shall be the same. You and your fellows will have money extracted (as if by magic!) from your private pirate accounts and entry will be permitted for a short while to the riotous pleasure and exquisite pain of the Sixth Dimension.

The work over the past many weeks with our cast, our musicians, our crew, our technical staff, our designers, and our producers and gracious director has been easily the most fun and inspirational work I've done in the happiest circumstances with the greatest amount of talent gathered under one roof in my life in art. This little clown show proves to be made of the new element Operanium, and is dementedly touching while remaining terrifyingly sexy and salaciously horrible. You all have my eternal love for your devotion to art.

- Marz Richards

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